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She’s so confident in everything that she does, that she isn’t afraid to pee in her pants. Just in case you think you mis-heard that, our guest on today’s episode talks about how she peed her pants.

That said confidence coupled with a relentless work ethic and ambitions have led Chelsea Mandel to massive success by anyone’s standard.

Not bad for our first ever guest to join us in their 20’s… as a co-founder and managing principal of Ascension, Chelsea has done over 1 billion dollars in sale leasebacks and investment sales in just a few years.

And because I felt compelled to remind you earlier in this introduction that she peed in her pants, it’s only fair to remind you that Chelsea isn’t even 30 yet.

Anyone who knows Chelsea or has even heard about her can quickly conclude that she’s an absolute bad ass. With that in mind, we can’t wait for you to enjoy our conversation now.