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Industrial Sale Leaseback in The Netherlands for the OKECHAMP Group

New York, New York - April 18, 2024 - Ascension Advisory, a global sale and leaseback advisory firm, in partnership with Colliers Netherlands, has announced the successful completion of a 21,500 square meter industrial sale and leaseback transaction in Velden, The Netherlands on behalf of the OKECHAMP Group, the global leader in the processed mushroom market. 

The property is a mission-critical facility for the OKECHAMP Group, specializing in the packaging of top-quality processed mushrooms. The factory has operated at this location since 1968 and has invested significantly into the property and on-site equipment. The facility is responsible for a significant share of the country’s total annual mushroom production output, making it likely the biggest sterilized mushroom producer in the world.  

The production facility is ideally located in Velden-Venlo, one of the most significant and robust logistics hotspots in The Netherlands, between the main ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, and the Ruhr area.  

OKECHAMP Group engaged the team led by Chelsea Mandel of Ascension Advisory and Mike Stam of Colliers Netherlands, to run a sale and leaseback process. 

Following a competitive marketing process, the deal was signed up and awarded to Arkéa REIM in a fund managed by Sienna Investment Managers. Given OKECHAMP’s long-term commitment to the site, the company signed a long-term lease with an initial duration of 20 years, which can be further extended at the company’s option. 

“This was a great outcome for all parties. The investor added to its portfolio a high-quality, well-located industrial asset leased on a long-term basis to an industry leader in the mushroom sector. And our client received attractive economics both in terms of pricing and lease terms,” Mandel said of the transaction. Stam added, “In this process, all teams excellently collaborated to guarantee the anticipated deliverables and optimize outcomes for all parties. The transaction is proof of persistent liquidity within the Dutch industrial real estate market.”   

OKECHAMP Group is pleased with the outcome, stating “This was a very important transaction for us, due to the long history of investments and importance of this facility to our Group. We are very pleased with the process and outcome of the agreement. The coordination and involvement, of both Ascension Advisory and Colliers Netherlands, that brought us with the closure of the deal, fully met our expectations.”

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About Ascension Advisory 

Ascension Advisory is a corporate real estate advisory firm dedicated to providing real estate sale leasebacks for financial sponsors and business owners, globally. With strategically located offices in New York City, Miami, Toronto, Mexico City, London, and Madrid and a steadfast commitment to client service, Ascension Advisory assists sponsors and business owners in crafting and executing corporate real estate strategies that align with their strategic objectives. For more information about Ascension Advisory, please visit  

About OKECHAMP Group  

OKECHAMP Group is a group of companies (OKECHAMP S.A. Poland and OKECHAMP B.V. Netherlands) that together are the leader in the mushroom production and processing industry on the European and World market. OKECHAMP Group is active in all segments of the mushroom business creating unique mushroom chain, starting with substrate production, casing soil production, fresh mushroom production, canning of mushrooms and vegetables, finally with freezing mushrooms and mushrooms powder & concentrate production. Our quality and operational standards make it possible to provide our products to Customers all over the world.  

About Colliers  

Colliers is a leading diversified professional services and investment management company. Connecting global market developments, data and the world of occupiers, tenants and investors, ensures that we understand what tomorrow’s real estate sector looks like. We offer creative real estate solutions that are not only attractive today but also relevant and sustainable later. We believe in making society a better place by playing an active role in solving complex real estate issues and accelerating the sustainability shift in the built environment. In 2025 we are a climate-neutral company.


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